Upper Hunter CE Think Tank


Hunter Innovation Precinct

9 May, 2023

9am - 1:30pm


Go Circular


Event Details

The Hunter region is shifting to a circular economy. The circular economy provides us with an opportunity to rethink how we approach our future in relation to sustainability, community well-being, economic, social, cultural development, and job creation. To achieve this impact in the Hunter region, we require our local students to be prepared with the skills, knowledge, and connections with local innovative industry leaders.

The objectives of the event are to: 

  • What is it? – Engage students in practical activities to help them understand the circular economy.
  • What jobs are available? – Direct students toward practical local job and career opportunities within the circular economy.
  • What does it take to work in the CE? – Allow representatives from local industry to describe the practical skills and knowledge needed for jobs in the circular economy.
  • How can I find those opportunities? – Foster connections and engagement between (a) employers and industry experts and (b) participating schools, students and their families.
  • How will CE benefit the region? – Create a shared understanding of the benefits of a true Circular Economy.