Our Ecosystem

Bringing people together to create circular opportunities

The Hunter Circular Ecosystem

Becoming a circular region requires systemic transformation, engagement, and action from all stakeholder groups in the local ecosystem.

This image shows a simplified model of how our ecosystem is organised. In the tightest circle, we have the transition brokers and backbone organisations. They help bring various actors together and facilitate collaboration for circular outcomes.

On the next level out, we have engaged actors. These are organisations across a broad range of sectors that are interested in circularity outcomes at different degrees of maturity. On the outer circle is the broader ecosystem who have varying levels of awareness and engagement in circular transition. 

The Hunter JO, as a backbone organisation, supports and enables local circular initiatives as project partners  and collaborators with funding from the NSW Government.

An important group to acknowledge, is the Hunter Central Coast Circular Economy Facilitators Group (CEFG). Their work has been instrumental in kickstarting and driving circular momentum in the region.

This group was established to:

  • Share information
  • Harness collective effort in the region
  • Drive and coordinate cross-stakeholder efforts toward a circular economy
  • Avoid duplication and foster the progress of the circular economy
For more information on specific roles in the region’s circular economy, head to our roadmap.

Some of our key partners

Circular Directory

Our Directory is a database of local actors (businesses, groups and other organisations) that make up our region’s circular ecosystem. The purpose of the directory is to connect actors together and enable collaboration, with actors listed based on their primary role in the system.

Head to our directory to explore our region’s circular ecosystem and add your organisation or initiative. 

Local actors are listed by the key role they play in the system, including:

Case Studies

Check out circular economy case studies from across the region below! If you would like to submit your project or initiative as a case study please fill out our contact form.

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Lake Macquarie Tackles Recreational Fishing Waste

Get Involved

Connect and learn from other individuals and organisations involved in driving our region's circular transition