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Growing circular economy knowledge in the region

Knowledge sharing and learning from our peers is key to ensuring our collective efforts are maximised. 

This is a library that connects Hunter Circular’s past and foundational work with key external resources essential for the development of the circular economy in the Hunter and Central Coast region.

By leveraging the exceptional research and work that has been undertaken both within and without of our region, we are able to ensure that our transition to circularity is rooted in best practice systems thinking. 

Some other key national and international circular economy knowledge hubs are:

External Resources

How Network Governance Powers the Circular Economy

Holland Circular Hotspot Chair Jacqueline Cramer shows how network governance can power the circular economy by strengthening the positive forces in society.

Design and the Circular Economy

This deep dive covers the role of design in creating a circular economy, examining the four-stage circular design process and highlighting six strategies for incorporating the principles of the circular economy into your designs.

The Circularity Gap Report 2023

This report lays out some hard truths about our linear economic mode, but it also presents solutions: showing how people’s needs and wants can be satisfied within crucial planetary boundaries

Using Old Learnings For A New Thriving Economy

Uniting our modern-day idea of the circular economy with learnings and knowledge from Indigenous peoples and cultures can be the answer to a flourishing circular economy.

Circular Economy Hub Integration Report

How circular economy hubs can compound impact through increased collaboration. Circular economy innovation hubs can become exemplars and lead the way to show business, community, and government on how alliances may occur.

State of Circularity in Australia

The State of Circularity in Australia is an important report on an urgent subject. This report is an example of collaboration in action and how it can build confidence around the transition to a circular economy.

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