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Marketing and Communications

Ecomms is a Strategic Social Marketing and Communications Agency specialising in sustainability and stakeholder engagement. Our mission is to design and implement solutions that link the social, economic and environmental strategy of your organisation. We add value to your products and services and help you achieve the right balance within your triple bottom line. Our vision is to close the gap between the principles and the actions towards sustainability, raise awareness, build capacities and foster the adoption of economically viable, innovative and environmentally friendly tools.


Industry Type
Timber wholesale, retail and recycling

Timber wholesale Australia wide specialising in treated hardwood and pine for mining, construction and agriculture
Timber retail servicing Newcastle, Hunter, Central Coast and Mid Coast
Manufacturers of recycled timber products including furniture, architectural posts and beams.
Manufacturers of compressed hardwood firewood blocks (Woodettes). These are sold to Bunnings and BCF and ensure we are utilising all the waste to complete our CE

Resourceful Living

Industry Type

Resourceful Living specialises in repurposing plastic waste into various home and office products. They collaborate with a diverse range of customers to turn their creative ideas into reality using 100% recycled plastic. To keep it circular we also offer renting options so you change when you want! Notably, we offer a unique service of reclaiming and recycling their products once they are no longer needed. Additionally, they welcome businesses interested in reusing their own waste materials for projects to reach out and collaborate.

Loop Organics Compost Facilty

Industry Type
Organics Composting

Loop Organics operate a local compost facility which processes organic materials such as food and garden waste (FOGO), green waste, paper crumble and biosolids into premium quality soil amendment products for farming, agriculture, and mine regeneration.
Loop Organic’s purpose is to responsibly return organics to the earth. Loop views waste as a resource not as a disposable product. Our long-term strategy is to promote a circular economy using all forms of organic waste.

Australian Electric Vehicle Specialists

Industry Type

We convert petrol and diesel vehicles to electric, giving them a whole new life so that you can go electric without scraping your current vehicle..

Second Life Solar

Industry Type
Solar, Recycling

Second Life Solar provides leading businesses with an opportunity to achieve your renewable energy and circular economy targets all in one project by becoming the host of a Second Life Solar Garden.

Second Life Solar has a range of options to help you achieve your net zero, renewable energy and circular economy targets. From new solar installations all the way through to recycling old systems.

Our long term vision is to establish a solar remanufacturing facility in Australia where we remanufacture old solar panels into new solar panels.

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