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Dress for Success

Industry Type
Community Charity

Dress for Success takes donations of high quality used clothing and reissues these clothes to vulnerable women. Clothing received that is not suitable is donated to charities thus reducing the clothes going into landfill.

Bivio Consulting

Industry Type
Professional Services

Systems Thinking and Circular Supply Chains Consulting Boutique, specialising in assisting businesses and government agencies with understanding, framing, co-creating, and addressing complex challenges such as climate change, climate adaptation, supply chain resilience, community engagement, and infrastructure development.
We centred our work around a Systems Thinking framework. Not only applying it but also empowering our clients to build that capability across their teams as part of our engagements.
Our human-centred approach embraces challenges and opportunities seeking to unlock innovation through the power of active listening, curiosity, collaboration, and process transformation.

The Conscious Exchange

Industry Type

Buy, sell & trade your quality preloved clothing at the conscious exchange. We keep garments circulating around the community with Newcastle’s first clothing exchange store. Customers are able to come in to swap their quality clothing they no longer wear for either store credit to spend on quality preloved pieces they really love or cash back in their pocket. We believe exchanging is the most sustainable way to shop, buying directly from your community & reducing the demand for new products to be produced.

Planet Price

Industry Type
Digital Platform

With the help of AI and other innovative technologies, Planet Price has made analysing the sustainability aspect of procurement (especially Scope 3 GHGs) quick, easy and accessible.

Leveraging best-practice methodologies, commercial-grade data and the latest technologies, Planet Price provides everything you need to quickly perform top-down and bottom-up analyses of your supply chain, quantifying the impact your procurement decisions have on the planet in financial terms.

Second Life Solar

Industry Type
Solar, Recycling

Second Life Solar provides leading businesses with an opportunity to achieve your renewable energy and circular economy targets all in one project by becoming the host of a Second Life Solar Garden.

Second Life Solar has a range of options to help you achieve your net zero, renewable energy and circular economy targets. From new solar installations all the way through to recycling old systems.

Our long term vision is to establish a solar remanufacturing facility in Australia where we remanufacture old solar panels into new solar panels.

Raid My Wardrobe

Industry Type

Raid My Wardrobe is a preloved fashion market which holds events in Singleton and Broadmeadow, where individuals can hold their own stalls to sell their second hand, high quality clothes.

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