Australian Circular Economy Forum



26 June, 2023

9am - 6pm


Circular Australia

International Road, Kensington NSW 2502

Event Details

Circular Economy 2030 – Developing a roadmap for collaborative action

The Australian government has set an ambitious target to achieve a national circular economy by 2030, establishing a Ministerial Advisory Group of experts to steer reforms at all levels of society. This will drive innovation, make industries more efficient, build onshore manufacturing and create new, green jobs and economic growth. All of this will require  rapid transformation, huge investment and a clear pathway with targets for all stakeholders to deliver. Access the agenda here.

The 2nd Australian Circular Economy Forum will address this by bringing together leaders from government, business, investors, academia and NGOs to discuss the circular economy 2030 opportunity and produce recommendations for a national roadmap.  Participants will share evidence-based progress and commitments and recommend the most urgent breakthroughs needed to deliver the 2030 goal.


Four discussion groups at the forum will cover industry, finance, policy and precincts & infrastructure. Recommendations from these groups will be published in report, shared with the Australian government and presented to a wider audience for collaboration and action at the Impact X Summit Sydney ’23 in November.


Join Circular Australia and Impact X for this important event and help drive the circular economy transition. Please visit the event landing page for more details Australian Circular Economy Forum