Systems Thinking for a Circular Economy Workshop

In January, the Hunter JO teamed up with the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage to host a Systems Thinking for a Circular Economy workshop with Dr Leyla Acaroglu.

The focus of the workshop was to lead our circular economy thought leaders in systems thinking. This included:

  • What is ‘systems thinking’, and how does this lens support the transition to a circular economy
  • Case studies and tools to implement systems thinking within, and between, organisations

Sustainability provocateur and cultural protagonist, Dr Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. She connects systems, sustainability and design together as tools for addressing the planet’s biggest challenges.

As a designer and sociologist, she was named 2016 United Nations Champion of the Earth for her work in advancing science and innovation for sustainability. She is a mainstage TED speaker, entrepreneur, creator of the Disruptive Design Method and founder of The UnSchool of Disruptive Design.

This workshop kicked off 2023 with a bang and it was a privilege to have Dr Acaroglu in the region sharing her insights and knowledge into connecting systems, sustainability and design together as tools.

Some key takeaways from this workshop included:

  • Collaboration is key to achieving a circular economy
  • A cultural shift is required
  • Viewing circular economy as a value add is an economic driver
  • Embed the three R’s; Reuse, Repair, Regenerate

The workshop was attended by 20 circular economy thinkers and practitioners from around the region, including a mixture of local government, industry, academia, and business groups.

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