Circular Economy Conference August 2022

Members of the Hunter JO’s Circular Economy team recently attended a Network Governance Action Workshop hosted by Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACEHUB).

This workshop brought together people who are actively working in the circular economy space to learn about network governance and the role of transition brokers in enabling this economic and cultural shift.

Professor Jacqueline Cramer, former Dutch Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment and Professor of Sustainable Innovation, shared from her experience how we can implement circular economy in Australia.

The Netherlands’ former Dutch Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment and Professor of Sustainable Innovation, Professor Jacqueline Cramer shared how can we implement circular economy in an action-oriented way based on her experience kickstarting, implementing, and scaling circular economy initiatives.

Eloise Lobsey, Regional Policy & Programs Coordinator (right) with Annie Jiang and Professor Cramer at Circular Economy conference

In the workshop, the Hunter JO staff were able to work with other key regional stakeholders to plan how collaboration can be utilised throughout the Hunter to support our transition to a circular economy to align initiatives accelerating this movement.

The Hunter JO has been working on a regional circular economy program to ensure the Hunter is at the forefront of this circular transition with place based and collaborative leadership. Our circular economy program champions the importance of working together and has set out a regional Roadmap for circular economy projects across the region.

Professor Cramer’s four-staged approach aligns heavily with our program:

  1. Preparing the circular program at a regional or value chain level
  2. Building the circular initiatives
  3. Upscaling successful circular initiatives
  4. Mainstreaming circular economy

Eloise Lobsey, the Hunter JO’s Regional Policy & Programs Coordinator (Circular Economy), stated that she was left feeling energised and inspired following this workshop and shared an encouraging quote from Professor Cramer:

“Be the movement that holds hands, because that makes you stronger not weaker.”

To find out more about the Hunter JO’s circular economy program, head to their project page today!