Food for the Soil: Breakfast Event


Hunter Multicultural Communities Centre

21 September, 2023

7:30am - 10am


Australian Organics Recycling Association

2a Platt Street, Waratah NSW 2298

Event Details

Presented in partnership with the NSW EPA, AORA NSW’s Food for the Soil breakfast event aims to educate attendees about the existing and growing markets for the increasing supply of recycled organics products.

With food and garden organics waste collection ramping up across NSW  and biochar markets in development,  an increasing number of new opportunities are being identified for different recycled organics products to be included in procurement strategies across both the government and commercial sectors to improve sustainability ratings and meet recycled content targets.

Building upon the information already available on the EPA/Circular Australia Cool Compost platform,  Food for the Soil will feature a keynote presentation showcasing the effective use of recycled organics to remediate various landscapes from  SESL’s Agronomist  Simon Leake, as well as an interactive panel discussion facilitated by AORA NSW Chair, Charlie Emery and including representatives from the viticulture, biochar, local government and mining sectors.

This event provides an excellent opportunity for AORA members and non-members to network and ‘grow’ the conversation as we consider the ever-increasing role that recycled organics can play within the broader circular economy.