Circular Economy Summit 2024



27 February, 2024
- 29 February, 2024

8:15am - 6:30pm


Quest Events

Event Details

The Circular Economy Summit 2024 gathers industry leaders, policymakers, and sustainability experts to foster sustainability and resource efficiency. In a time of growing environmental concerns and resource scarcity, this conference provides a platform for stakeholders to share insights, strategies, and best practices for transitioning towards a circular economy model.

The summit offers businesses a unique opportunity to explore innovative approaches to reducing waste, optimising resource utilisation, and enhancing product life cycles. Embracing circular economy principles not only aligns with environmental responsibility but also opens up new avenues for cost savings and revenue generation through product redesign, reuse, and recycling. Companies can forge valuable partnerships, gain access to emerging markets, and position themselves as leaders in sustainability, all of which are essential in today's competitive global landscape.