ARC Ento Tech Ltd

Key Business Activities / Description

ARC Ento Tech Ltd is an end-of-line waste processor with a scaleable zero-landfill solution for food contaminated mixed solid waste streams (MSW, FOGO, Biosolids, Out-of-Date Packaged Foods, etc.). We have developed an innovative world first continuous bio-mechanical process for tackling the most challenging waste streams and re-introducing materials back into the economy in a sustainable and truly circular fashion. Main products produced by ARC Ento Tech are 1) a nutrient rich organic fertiliser for a broad range of agricultural applications, 2) an insect-based protein for livestock feed preparations, and 3) an industrial reductant for steel manufacturing and other chemical applications. ARC Ento Tech - Recover - Reform - Repurpose

Industry Type
Biotechnology, Waste Recovery, Innovative Raw Materials

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