Singleton Council trials recycled plastic options

Lead Organisation

Singleton Council

Case Study Background

Singleton Council partnered with Replas, an Australian mixed recycled plastic recycler and manufacturer, to build garden beds, community furniture and a fence for their golf course.

The Vision

The furniture is made of 90% recycled content, with the plastic coming from the soft plastics collected from Coles and Woolworths through the REDcycle program, car bumpers, hospital waste and pre-consumer plastic waste from commercial and industrial sources.

Benefits and Results

Replas recycled plastic products are low maintenance and easy to install, and are made with UV stabilisers which protect the recycled-plastic from sun damage. Replas can support in the creation of various types of Council projects and can take back products at the end of life.

Replas recycled plastic products are cost effective and long-lasting (they last 40+ years) and can be reprocessed back into new Replas products.